The Journey . CLEARgo x Shopify

The Journey . CLEARgo x Shopify

THE HUMBLE BEGINNING. Started with Shopify 1.0, debut theme. CLEARgo has embarked a journey with Shopify, leveraging themes and apps for all clients within the asia region.


SHOPIFY. Understanding Shopify, a fast, lightweight, easy manage and frontend flexible storefront with amazing apps marketplace that has been verified from a panel of experts within the Shopify team would enable and empower CLEARgo to craft out different creative solutions and workarounds that fits best to the client’s business requirements.

THE MAIN DIRECTION. CLEARgo has always been at the frontline for every Shopify latest published features roadmap. From community channels, internal research development, proof of concept and to real time client’s demo. Working closely with different Shopify partner managers and to be adapted in different business nature whether traditional or modern processes. Understanding the cause of moving to Shopify from other platforms, solving problems and helping clients gain confidence in Shopify has always been the first priority in CLEARgo.


TECHNOLOGY. CLEARgo believes that Shopify documentation is a starting point or stepping stone to strengthen Shopify basic knowledge. However, we do not just stop there, basic. Instead, we spent endless hours trying out new things, queries and even demolished the theme and rebuilded to analyze what is best for the client. As an example, section blocks, schema, etc these are important boilerplates to help reduce maintenance costs from clients internally, thus giving them the confidence to see it real time from CLEARgo’s demo or even hands on with some access level to the CLEARgo’s Shopify staging stores. CLEARgo also believes that any business pitch is not just about papers and slides, it is about getting to know Shopify closer, humanly by putting ourselves in their shoes, solving it with Shopify.


DAWN x HYDROGEN. The recent updates from Shopify which is DAWN 2.0 (an improvement from the 1.0 debut theme) and HYDROGEN, a headless solution with Shopify storefront APIs has greatly surprised many people that Shopify has always been serverless and without backend accessibilities. CLEARgo has participated and been involved in many channels such as GITHUB, Discord, etc. to contribute knowledge sharing internal and external within the community. We have also done a few proof of concept to hybridly combine both Hydrogen and Shopify store themes for better experiences. Since OXYGEN has not been officially priced, CLEARgo will still be actively anticipating and continuing its research to serve its best to the client’s needs, specifically for headless approach.




Hong Kong

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370 Kwun Tong Road, Hong Kong

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Shanghai 200230, China

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#06-21 The Central,
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