Step Up Your Shopify Knowledge - Shopify Editions | Winter ’23

Step Up Your Shopify Knowledge - Shopify Editions | Winter ’23

Less Limitation, More Customization & Budget-Friendly Platform

Get ready for a total revamp of the Shopify platform! With over 100 new updates and features, the Shopify Winter '23 Editions are a game-changer for merchants. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to more customization and a budget-friendly platform.

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Experience a whole new level of Shopify like never before!

Even if you are always been with Shopify, it's time to reacquaint yourself with the platform. Shopify is constantly evolving, and the Winter '23 Editions bring you a whole new experience.

CLEARgo Alfred, a highly experienced Shopify website developer with over 15 years in the industry commented, it's time for a big reset! He suggests we start with a clean slate and a positive outlook on learning. With recent improvements and advancements made to Shopify, it's now an even more powerful tool for brands and retailers looking to create an exceptional customer experience.

Alfred has compiled an exciting list of the Top 5 must-know new updates that you'll definitely love them. These updates cover a wide range of areas, including discounts, analytics, themes, checkout, and B2B API.

Top 5 New Updates


This feature originally allows store owners to create and manage discounts for their customers. Merchants can offer percentage-based, fixed-amount, or free shipping discounts for products, collections, or orders. 

Discounts are now better than ever, allowing you to offer your customers more discount types and the ability to combine multiple discounts on a single order. You can even create channel-specific discounts across Google, Facebook, and Instagram based on your targeting customer groups. All these have defaulted in the frontend, and you can enrich it further through theme customization.



Shopify's reporting provides merchants with a variety of reports and analytics to understand business performance. Merchants can track sales, orders, customers, and products, and view data on revenue, profit margins, and more.

Analyzing your data is now easier with ShopifyQL Notebooks, which are exclusively available for Shopify Plus users. This powerful update lets you explore new datasets, make better business decisions, and create custom reports—all powered by intelligent query language that understands commerce. Incorporating with AI enables you to gain better insights and make better data-driven decisions.

  •       Explore new datasets with a better editor experience and assistive functionality with smart defaults.
  •       Use presentation mode to share your data story.

CLEARgo can now build apps or custom solutions for businesses with access to the ShopifyQL Stable API.


Theme is an important feature that enables store owners to create a unique brand identity and enhance the customer experience. However, there are limitations to the customization we can do.

What we really give a big bravo to the Shopify team is that they heard us! The recent updates reduce the limitation to 50% and now the Winter Edition, it is 25%! Customizing your online store has also been simplified than ever.  Now we can help you better understand, access, and edit global color schemes for online stores with easy-to-add color settings for themes.

Personalize templates using Liquid and delight your logged-in customers with a personalized store theme and email templates that include company information. With the updated Shopify CLI 3, writing Liquid code is even easier with context-aware autocompletion and in-line documentation.


Your customers will love the all-new, one-page checkout, which is faster and leads to higher conversion rates. And with the drag-and-drop checkout editor, you can easily customize the look of the checkout to offer a consistent brand experience. You can even install checkout apps that integrate with the editor to add more functionality to the checkout experience.

Drag-and-drop checkout editor enables the merchant to easily edit the look of the checkout in order to offer a consistent brand experience.

  •   Add brand logo
  •   Change the background colour/image
  •   Update the font of the checkout

Through Shopify Function, we can also create rules that implement custom, dynamic restrictions for whether a product can be purchased, and in what quantities during checkout. 


The Winter Edition of Shopify is truly exciting, not only for B2C merchants but also for B2B businesses. With more flexibility, Shopify is now offering a range of new B2B APIs to help create custom solutions tailored to your wholesale business needs. This includes collecting order notes, packaging and delivery instructions at checkout, and building B2B loyalty programs. With the addition of B2B-compatible apps, you can now have a fully customized experience.

Shopify’s B2B APIs include,

  •   Company API
  •   Catalogs API
  •   PriceLists API
  •   Publications API
  •   Order and DraftOrder APIs
  •   Payment Terms API


There are numerous other updates that can help businesses provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The Winter '23 Editions are significant and exciting, and we can't wait to see what more Shopify has in store for us in the future. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more, and get ready to take your e-commerce store to the next level with these notable updates and features!


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